A Major Thanks to Mary Ella Jourdak Photography

Well spring is here and so is our new line! With the change in seasons, so comes the cleaning - we've revamped our website to give it a fresh, clean, and cool new look. And much of the wonderful photography throughout the site - especially on the home page - is in major part thanks to Mary Ella Jourdak Photography!

As we were preparing for the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2014 line and the creation of LOR, we began brainstorming ideas of how to restructure and revitalize our website so that it would function more efficiently for you as well as be more visually intriguing and appealing. Almost immediately, Mary Ella Jourdak came to our minds.

We showed her the new products and explained in a nutshell what we were trying to achieve. Without hesitation she was off running! As we spoke, she sketched photo shoot ideas in her notebook and explained to us the best lighting and photographic techniques we should/could implement. She was more enthusiastic than we could have hoped for - we knew we were in good hands.

Leading up to the photo shoot, Mary made sure to stay in touch to bounce ideas off of us and stay up to date on the changing weather so we could ensure we were set for a good day. When that day finally arrived, Mary was in good spirits and ready to work! She had all of her equipment laid out on the table and almost before we could say hello, she was walking us through some photo shoot locations and scenarios she thought would be optimal.

Throughout the day, Mary created an environment that was fun to be in. She kept the models smiling and laughing, all while instructing them and moving them into the best lighting and positions possible. Mary was extremely professional and creative throughout the whole process - and needless to say, the day went off without a hitch and the photo shoot was a great success!

Not only is Mary a fantastic photographer with her own photography business, but she also excels at various other artistic mediums. For quite some time now, we have been privileged to promote Mary as one of the Uncalm Featured Artists. Feel free to check out a sampling of her work!

Also, please take the time to head on over to the Mary Ella Jourdak website to get a more in depth look at the art Mary creates and the services she provides. If you're in her area and are looking for a talented, professional, and well versed photographer, be sure to contact her!

Links to Mary Ella Jourdak:





Check out some of Mary's photos from the shoot: 












And check out some of the behind-the-scenes shots we took of Mary and the models at work: