Introducing Featured Artists for Uncalm

We have recently added a Featured Artists section to the website highlighting little-known, yet amazing artists spanning the country. 

Alexa Diakoulas is a world traveling photographer/painter who expresses herself perfectly through her work.
Greg Skutches is an exceptional painter who recreates and reimagines pop-culture images on canvas.
Alden Naeny is an adventurous photographer who captures moments that would otherwise go unnoticed to the rest of us.
Pete Korpics is an insanely creative illustrator/painter with many of his themes revolving around the natural world and aquatic life.
Mary Ella Jourdak is an imaginative photographer/painter/sculptor with her own photography business.
AJ Spicer is an incredibly talented photographer who has mastered the technique of "multiplicity."
Dani Wagner is an unbelievable painter/illustrator/sketcher who also designs and makes clothing.

Be sure to check out their work!