New Board Socks - Prospect and Narrows

Two NEW board socks now available!



The Prospect is designed to fit boards up to 6'6", and gives off a very cool vibe with its earth-toned style. The top of the bag is accented with genuine leather. The leather used for the bag is from a remnant piece - meaning the leather has never been used before but was left over from a larger piece with no intent to be used. By adding this leather to the bag, we are making sure that it doesn't go to waste. And lucky for looks awesome on the board sock!




The Narrows fits boards up to 7'10", and has a great shape for funboards. The sock is made of durable, lightweight fabrics and has a very classic look about it. The striped fabric used is also a remnant piece - (get the idea that we don't want these awesome fabrics going to waste!?). 



Check out the Prospect and Narrows in the store along with all of the other Uncalm board socks!