Cyber Monday Shredder Sale

Yep . . . it's that time of year when almost everyone is click-clacking away on their keyboards looking for the best deals online - the infamous CYBER MONDAY !!

Well there's no doubt, the deals are great and by the end of the day, you're giddy with excitement waiting for all of your new clothes and goodies to arrive. But what happens the day after you get it? And the day after that? How about a week later or even a year? Did all those sale goods last? With the Shredder Jacket, that's not something you'll have to worry about.

The Shredder is made using sustainable practices right here in the USA, focusing on true craftsmanship and quality.






From conception to completion it was created on the East Coast! It is a jacket that's meant to be lived in, to be loved in, to be worn, and to take a beating. So pick one up today while they're half off . . . that right, ONLY $39.95 . .
. and protect yourself for the cold chill creeping in, show your style as your out for drinks, hit some hills with your board and rip that jacket up!! It's specifically made from a strong, durable cotton canvas to withstand whatever life throws at you!




So get out there and enjoy!