Wild Living Magazine's Products With A Purpose

Wild Living Magazine

Wild Living Magazine recently released their first ever issue, featuring a Q&A with co-founder Caitlin Driscoll in their Products With A Soul section. Here, Caitlin discusses the conception of Uncalm, working alongside Hidden Collective, and the need for environmentally conscious and sustainably produced products.


"  Designing my own garments was something I had done since middle school, and was an idea I had always toyed with in the back of my mind. But it wasn't until after graduation and being out in the real world that both Eric and I decided "why not?". Sort of that "if not now, when?" mentality . . .  "




Wild Living Magazine Products With A Soul

Wild Living Magazine's goal is to inspire others to create their own adventure and share their experience through incredible photos, videos, and stories.


"  Our goal is to inspire people to seek adventure, which leaves them feeling that life has more possibilities.  "  -  Corey Swanson || Magazine Editor


Issue No. 1 is available to read on iTunes now.