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Uncalm Board Bags


Uncalm board bags are unique to the surf and art community. Each bag is handmade with the intent of producing a functional protective cover that is uniquely artistic. The process begins by designing a pattern for a particular size board that follows an original style concept. We then choose and pair fabrics together to produce a distinct combination of style, texture, and functionality. The fabrics we use vary widely – some are the remains of fabrics from decades past, while others have been woven by artisans from around the globe. After the fabric is measured, cut and sewn, we add the final touches – a drawstring closure, brand logo, and inside Velcro pocket. You can rest assured that each bag you see below has been made by hand with love, care, and attention to detail. Each board bag comes in only one size and style because we feel you deserve to be the only one on the seas with that bag. We provide you with a product that is unique and artistic, but will still help protect your board from dings and scratches. Uncalm board bags are an artistic expression you can carry with you.

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