Our Story


Eco-Friendly: Fabric

You know that feeling you get when you suddenly realize you have made a major mistake? Or when you get a searing paper cut that ruins your day, and nags at you throughout the days that follow? It's subtle but sharp. Well, that's the feeling that hit us when we discovered information about the detrimental effects the fashion industry can have on the environment. An insane amount of garments and fabric make their sorry ways to live out the rest of their days in a landfill - often times taking years and years to decompose. That's why much of the fabric we use to construct our garments is remnant fabric. Remnant fabric is leftover, perfectly good, unused fabric. The fabric could be in irregular pieces, or the fabric on the bolt may have the tiniest defect, but it is still otherwise perfectly capable. We try to incorporate these remnant fabrics as much as possible into our garments to save the textiles from going to waste. We also partner with fabric suppliers who buy out other fabric suppliers to save those bolts of fabric from wiling their days away in a warehouse or being thrown away all together.



Eco-Friendly: Manufacturing

Check your tag. You know all of those clothes that are constructed overseas?
Well, there's nothing wrong with supporting people and businesses around the world (Go Earth!), rather it's the excruciating journey those garments venture on in production and then upon final completion that can be intensely harmful. Air and sea travel lend themselves to an amazing amount of waste and pollution, simply traveling from point A to point B (point A being somewhere not in America and point B being America) then back to point A (or C or D or so on). The amount of fuel consumed by giant cargo ships and airplanes results in a startlingly high carbon footprint. By producing our American made goods in the USA (all in eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland in fact!) we are not contributing to the pollution our garments would cause if they had to travel from overseas.



Human Friendly

Aside from earth-friendly practices, we are adhering to human-frirendly practices as well.
Meaning we have personally met with each manufacutrer (both of which are located in Eastern Pennsylvania). We have toured their facilities and have even met with and spoken to the people cutting and sewing the garments numerous times. Heck, we even got in on the action and started helping load up the delivery trucks and bundle our garments together! We know the people and know that they are treated well. And it feels SO good to be certain that the garment you’re picking up is completely and totally made with ethical practices. To NOT have the notion looming in the back of your head that maybe this garment wasn’t made with honest certainty is worth everything. All of our USA made garments are something to be proud of.




We Still Got It

We used to sew many of the garments ourselves when we were first starting out. 
Thankfully, for our sanity of the mind, we have those glorious USA manufacturers to take over the cutting and sewing part. But each board bag is still patterned, cut, dyed, sewed, and outfitted by yours truly. That’s right - we personally craft each board bag by hand with our own special touches and magic dust to your one-of-a-kind liking. And we can’t imagine ever giving up that aspect of the business.



Our Groove

Where do all of our ideas and creative sentiments come about? Well each of us grew up immersed in a lifestyle influenced by an outdoorsy culture. And many of our fashion choices came from outdoor brands of the ‘80s and ’90s, as well as silhouettes and styles of influential decades such as the ‘70s through the ’90s. Fashion back in the day was cool and effortless. And that’s what our styles represent - throw on and go garments that hang easy.





So now that you know about us and our practices, feel free to connect with us - shoot us an email just to say hello or instagram us about your thoughts on our textile choices. Either way, we’re glad you’re with us. All the best to you.