Recycled Packaging

Ding-Dong! Get the door - your Uncalm order has arrived! "Hmmmm?", you might think, a bit puzzled by the packaging, "This box has another online retailer's name on the old tape?". Well thats right, often times, your order won't arrive in a pristine, Uncalm-branded box . . . it will arrive in a recycled & reused box. We collect and reuse packaging so that it doesn't go to waste. A "once-and-done" attitude is not the attitude we subscribe to when it comes to packaging supplies. Because when you get right down to it, you don't want the box itself, you want what's inside! So why use a brand new box to ship something, just so it can be thrown in the trash upon arrival?? We prefer to recycle and reuse the boxes that are still completely functional, even if they look a little worn. But a pretty Earth is worth much more than a pretty package!