Fern Gully 6' 8"

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For the lover of land and sea - feel the forested vibe of the Fern Gully as you spend your day in the salty sea!

Fits boards up to 6' 8"

Made in Maryland with strong, durable remnant fabric. Remnant fabric is leftover, unused fabric that would otherwise go to waste. We'd rather put these fabrics to good use in a one-of-a-kind board bag than have them get thrown out and add to the waste filling our landfills and polluting the Earth.

The green stripe that comprises the mid-section of this bag is a remnant, sample piece of very durable upholstery that you might normally find covering your luxurious interior furniture - now it protects your surfboard!

The nose is padded for extra protection. It's designed to keep sand out of your car and wax off... well, everything. Protects from those minor dings and scratches that are bound to happen. Drawstring closure. Pocket inside with velcro closure for fins, phone, keys, & snacks.

Made in the USA     Red     Uses Remnants