New Stuff - Hat and Board Socks!

So it's been a while since the last blog article and we apologize for that (just been slackin a bit on the blog). However, lots of new stuff has happened since our last post. THE NEW HAT IS IN!!!! It's a navy blue, 6-panel snapback with a very comfortable fit, and stylish embroidery on the front. Check it out with the other Uncalm hats in the store!

Also, another huge addition are the Uncalm Board Socks. Our board socks are all one-of-a-kind and handmade, with unique pairings of fabrics. The fabrics used range from remains from decades past as well as fabrics designed and created by artisans from around the globe. Rather than mass producing a bunch of socks similar to those of other companies, we decided to design original patterns and create only one of each board sock. If you purchase one, you can be sure that no one else out there will have it. It's an artistic expression that you can use to protect your board and show off as you hang by the water. The Chesapeake has a really clean, classic feel with a horizontal stripe pattern of alternating black fabric and blue and white striped fabric. The Eastern is mostly black except for a flashy stripe of fiesta print fabric that runs the length of the sock. The fiesta print fabric was made by an artisan in Mexico and has been double backed to ensure its durability. The Salthouse is very similar in style to the Eastern except the black is replaced by a tan, sandy color fabric, and the stripe is a navy blue, green, gold, brown, and maroon striped remnant fabric. The Chester is comprised of solid black fabric with a splash of black and white tie-dyed fabric that was hand dyed by us. Each board sock has a drawstring closure as well as a pocket on the inside for your fins or whatever else you might need to throw in there. We are ecstatic to be offering these one-of-a-kind products to really highlight the unique and artistic roots that surround the surfing culture!